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Circles empowers communities and people in enterprises to innovate. As part of my work at Circles, I redesigned their SaaS-based product.

The UX characterization and planning stage included detailed wireframes, user flows for each product and after a deep-thinking process, key points on what to discard and what to keep from the former product.

The UX process

The UX Process included close and concentrated work with the CEO Amit Kochavi, the CTO Eliran Efron, and the VP Product Smadar Krampf. Together we refined the product and made it into something lighter, with pleasant and interesting user experience.
Our first goal was to encourage inner organizational innovation with our first clients: Tel Aviv University, El-Al, IATI, and others.

The system consists of weekly challenges for employees to solve, while the role of the community manager is to review the different solutions offered. The employees are divided into teams, while each team has mentors that help employees refine their suggestions and submit more coherent and precise solutions.



The Sign-Up Process Wireframes


The UI Design

Each challenge is time-limited, and employees can only solve active challenges, or offer new ones. At the end of each challenge, which is designed to solve an actual organizational problem or need, an award is given to the best solution chosen by the team mentors.

The community managers get an overview on the challenge situation in their statistics dashboard, containing: The most efficient projects, times of peak activity, the most active mentors, the most engaged topics, and even deeper analytics when required.



My main inspiration for the UI design was outer space – the moon, astronauts, spaceships, planets and the character Eve from the animation film Wall-E. The design features rounded corners, blue colors and a spaceship themed statistics dashboard.

Winning Message
Winning Message
Launching a Project
Launching a Project
Challenge Page
Challenge Page
Create a new challenge
Create a new challenge

Great people I liked work with

CEO & Co-Founder: Amit Kochavi
CTO & Co-Founder: Eliran Efron
VP Product: Smadar Krampf

Co-Founder & CTO: Nir Giller
Co-Founder & CEO: Omer Shneider
VP Product: Nir Krumer
Product Managers: Ariel Saghiv, Amit Sheps, Liran Levy
VP R&D: Amit Porat
Full Stack Software Team Leader: Amos Guetta
R&D: Almog Kashani, Inbal Sion, Yonathan Doron

"Tal is a very talented UI/UX Designer. He thinks out of the box and takes his job very seriously! He's not afraid to be independent and try new things. He knows to manage his time and show excellent results in short time periods."

Amit Kochavi


All rights reserved © Tal Solomon Vardy. 2013-2023

All rights reserved © Tal Solomon Vardy. 2013-2023