Someone to Run With

Someone to Run With

David Grossman's book, "Someone to Run With", was converted into an interactive application version that was created after an inspiring meeting with the author. I thought – "How can someone read a book in the 21st century when everyone holds a smartphone in their hands?"

Well, I chose to combine two trends:
The first one is taking a walk-through Google Maps, abroad and in Israel, and the second one is audiobook listening.
As remembered, the book takes place in the year of 2000 and it revolves around the city of Jerusalem. The characters are in constant motion, until a final clash. Then all the different timelines of the story connect.

I characterized and designed the app so that the user can stroll around Jerusalem, each time going through the same path but experiencing it through the point of view of another character, hearing its story.

It was submitted as a project in the department of visual communication, Shenkar. 

Actor: Tchelet Zohar (She is the best)




All rights reserved © Tal Solomon Vardy. 2014-2020
(you know, karma and all that shit)

All rights reserved © Tal Solomon Vardy. 2014-2019
(you know, karma and all that shit)