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Uncoated Magazine is an online radical design magazine in Hebrew, founded by Haim Shushan and myself. We aim to reveal intriguing artists and creators, and to challenge the boundaries between art, design, animation and illustration. Every article features a unique design of its own.

The magazine was established as a platform for designers and students who fuel the design scene and contribute endlessly to it while receiving insufficient credit and coverage.

Uncoated Magazine

Apart from articles, we also strive to form many collaborations with artists, hosting live events, lectures, masterclasses, and workshops. Uncoated is a fun project that can also makes a change in the scene.

The Exciting Launch

photography: Danielle Yashar

Writers: Tal Solomon Vardy, Dar Moussafir, Yuval Albag, Liran Hadashi, Eilat Aviv, Haim Shushan, Tali Gurvich
Article Designers: Tal Solomon Vardy, Liran Hadashi, Jenny Schukin, Haim Shushan
CEO and Co-Founder: Tal Solomon Vardy
Co-Founder: Haim Shushan

All rights reserved © Tal Solomon Vardy. 2013-2023

All rights reserved © Tal Solomon Vardy. 2013-2023